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We are getting married on June 24th, 2017 in Maple Falls, Washington, a few hours north of Seattle and in the shadow of Mount Baker.

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Our wedding will be located at Wandering Waters in Maple Falls, Washington. The venue is a more or less a gigantic valley with wildflowers, a brook, gorgeous views, and all our friends (hint hint). We will be getting married in true Pacific Northwest fashion—which is to say outside, rain or shine. Please dress for the weather, and avoid stilletos as they may sink into the grass and inhibit you from dancing all night (hint hint).

If you have any questions about the venue, please direct them to us. 

Staying The weekend: june 23rd - 25th, 2017

We think you should arrive on the Friday before and party with us all weekend. There will be a welcome dinner on Friday evening and plenty of fun to be had hiking and hanging out Saturday and Sunday. (Full schedule to-be-determined.) 

Stay two nights! Most local lodging will be happy for your business (it's off-season for skiing) but will likely still require a 2-night reservation. Plus, we love the North Cascades and think you will, too, and COME ON summer in Washington is the greatest. Check out the lodging page for more information, and we'll be adding more resources soon for what to do in the area. 

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We are most, most thankful for you joining our wooded weekend celebration.
But, if you would really like to give us a gift, we are so so thankful again.

We've registered at Crate & Barrel:


Our venue is roughly 2 hours north of Seattle if traffic is cooperative—directions here. For those of you coming from out of town, there will undoubtedly be many folks heading to Maple Falls from Seattle, so please contact us if you have questions about getting there.

Chuqui has requested her own bus to the venue...

Chuqui has requested her own bus to the venue...

Woot woot

Woot woot


It turns out we're new at this? And we're probably forgetting something? Like that part where we register for gifts?  Yeah - we'll totally do that, we promise... Send us an email and let us know if you have any questions.