Our Story


Dramatis Personæ




Two fine folk pulled up bikes at a bench

June 26th, 2014: they said hello with a hug—Carlos was so smitten he almost tried to kiss Abby immediately. Apparently Abby was not expecting Carlos to be so cute in person, but she played it cool. Abby was packing cherries and fresh, homemade peanut butter cookies. Carlos was packing bourbon and a much-too-small purple picnic blanket.  

They rode bikes down to Gasworks, where they cozied up on the tiny blanket and Carlos spit water on Abby's foot trying to scare away cookie-seeking ducks. There may have been kissing. Abby definitely wanted to meet the dog, and once she did, I think everyone pretty much fell in love immediately? 

Abby made delicious salads and Carlos made cocktails and Chuqui made concerned faces. Everyone went hiking.

December 19th, 2015: Carlos insisted they go hiking one last day before Christmas and ensuing travel. Abby had her suspicions. Chuqui whined in the snow; Carlos got down on one knee and proposed. Abby said yes and then became very very cold and they raced back down the mountain to celebrate. 

And now we're getting married!



Relevant Coordinates

San Francisco, November 2014
First Plane Flight

Belize, February 2015
First Vacation

Lavanch, May 2015
Our Apartment