Luckily for us—and you!—the Mount Baker region has beaucoup lodging options for the ski season, most of which are not particularly busy in June. 

We'll be staying in a Snowline cabin and will be having Friday dinner there. Being as that's where the cool kids will be, you'll probably want to be there too.  However, if you're a more rustic type, or a less rustic type, here are a few options.



The bride and groom and Chuqui will be staying at the Snowline Cabins roughly 10 minutes from the wedding venue. This will also be where the welcome dinner on Friday night will be held. (You'll still be able to attend if you say elsewhere.) 

We recommend you find other lovely people with whom to share a house, as most of them sleep 6 or more. Let us know if we can help you coordinate and/or if you'd like to verify who else is on the guest list. 

This is a gated community with a swimming pool, tennis court, and lots of common outdoor spaces where perhaps your children will chase ducks. If you mention this wedding party (Chapin-d'Avis) when you book, you'll get 10% off the first two nights, and 50% off the third. Also there may be a hot tub competition—we haven't figured out the logistics of that yet...



If you are interested in something a bit less established, Silver Lake park is a 15 minute drive from the venue, and has all sorts of activities like canoeing, and swimming, and many other lake related endeavors.



There are many wonderful hotels in the nearby town of Bellingham Washington.  While you will be 45 minutes away from the venue, Bellingham boasts some incredible views of the Puget Sound, and all the amenities you'd want.

Additionally, there is a Snowline Lodge, which rents single rooms. They look a bit rustic, but if you don't want or need a full house and still want to stay nearby, this might be a good option.